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(Free) Desktop Blogging Client For Mac?

As lovely as the Blogger interface is (no, really, I mean it) I want a desktop option (i.e. MarsEdit). Sadly, MarsEdit has decided my trial period expired (even though I removed it from my HD) and Ecto just fails to work (plus it’s kind of ugly). I’m a big fan of Journler but it doesn’t support the new Blogger (and I don’t really want my real journal mixed in with my blog…weird things may happen). Apparently MacJournal has the same blogging functionality as Journler but trying to download something from the Mariner site makes my head spin (plus that would be cheating on the Jster).

So if anyone knows any good blogging software (for macs, of course) that:

1. Are free (or have a very long/linient trial)
2. Support the new Blogger
3. Are pretty (optional)
4. Don’t give you a headache trying to download them

I’d love to hear about it.


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2 Responses

  1. calebmedia says:

    Hey Gnome,
    You might want to check out Bleezer. It is a free desktop blogging client. Check it out here:

    Its free but sadly not to pretty. But is easy to download (Click the mac button)

    Happy blogging!


  2. Bill says:

    I’m not 100% on whether it supports new Blogger but I recommend Bleezer.

    I’ve had a hard time looking for this sort of software on a mac too. All the really good ones aren’t free.
    I tried ecto and it was good. I liked it but the trial ran out.
    Qumana sucked. The interface was nice but for a program that’s basically a glorified word processor it sucked up my RAM like it was Photoshop or something.
    MarsEdit is nice but not free.

    So yeah, Bleezer is what I’ve settled on. It does the job, has enough features and best of all its free.

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