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More From Google Analytics

So, apparently the #1 search that leads to my blog is “i do it i get a squiggly line under the event”. Am I the only one who is puzzled by that? Do what? How do you get a line under an event? (Is it a Windows thing? If so why does it lead to my “Apple” tag page?) Am I the only one who is bothered by the staggering lack of proper syntax? I could understand one person typing this in but eighteen? I think that squiggly lign ling line might have something to do with the same kind of bad grammar that would lead to typing something like “i do it i get a squiggly line under the event” into a search engine.


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It Has Begun

My four-day hoop-jumping session known as “finals” began today. I’ve gotten French and math out of the way (the latter being the most stressful, most dreaded, most I never have to think about it again (unless I fail, which I probably will))1 so far. I still have bio and two essays for English to worry about.

Up next I have a study hall. The name is very throughly misleading, absolutely no studying goes on and we do not not study in the hall (if we did, we would get yelled at). I plan to make a .doc icon to match the Somatic Set (by David Lanham).

In other why-can’t-it-be-summer news, I have recovered two of the textbooks that I lost on Friday, however the library book that I lost earlier that day is still missing. It was a good book too, and I haven’t finished it. To distract me fro my grieving I have started the reading list for this summer. I have already finished American Born Chinese (its a graphic novel, not a real book…I’m not that much of a geek) and am most of the way through Speak2 (which is a normal no-pictures book…I never said I’m not a geek at all).

It seems like I should wrap this up some how…so I’ll turn it over to my good friend Mr. Footnote.


1 Shouldn’t there be a better convention for double parenthesis? It looks so ugly under the current system.
2 I would mention the author, but that would require more work on my part.3
3 Footnoting shamelessly lifted from Fumbling Towards Geekdom.

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My Producivity’s #1 Enemy

Today I discovered iSwiff, a flash game/movie(?) player for Mac OS X (the only good operating system). I have hopped around the free online game sites and downloaded some that I can now play from my desktop (presumably without internet access (speaking of access, what the hell is IBM thinking? Using a word no one can spell as the number for their concierge (a word that no one knows the definition of). And, really, what the hell were the pioneers of the English language thinking? Two ‘c’s in a row, one hard, one soft? Does that make sense to ANYONE?), we’ll see if that presumption holds to be true. Regardless, increased accsess access (I’ve typed it twice in the last minute and I still can’t spell it) to games right before final’s week can’t be a good thing. Oh well, I was going to fail math anyway.

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The Pheonix O’ Productivity

Productivity and organization have always been big for me. A couple months ago I got onto a major GTD/hPDA kick (I even went so far as tracking my time. Then it died down (I just didn’t have time to be productive). Now my passion for the productive has been re-illuminated thanks to kGTD and Ethan Schoonover. I have reorganized my workflow (see screenshot) made myself a new hPDA and subscribed to the Merlin Mann podcast (and, of course, I’ve subscribed to the feed for Ethan’s wonderful blog.

I signed up to be a beta tester for OmniFocus (the new task organizer app for Omni, based around kGTD) some time ago, but I have not gotten an invitation yet (although, supposedly they are up to date with everyone who signed up before Memorial Day. It looks like OmniFocus is a lot like iGTD (except it will cost $40, rather than being freeware) but I like the look and some of the organizational features of OmniFocus more. (I must say that I have become a total Omni convert, and to think I was going to delete the preinstalled copy of OmniOutliner that came with my computer).

During my first kick I tried out Joe’s Goals but it fizzled out pretty fast. So, today I wrote some new goals and now I am going to try it again (don’t tell anyone, but I don’t think it will work).

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