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11.x: The Only Course of Action?

So, I was thinking “what other big cats are there that Apple has not yet used as a version name in OS X?”. The answer is pretty simple: lion. But seriously, lion? L.A.M.E. And furthermore, try saying “Mac OS 10.7 ‘Lion'”. Does that sound stupid or what? If Apple knows what’s good for them, they ought to skip 10.7 altogether and just skip up to 11.x.

Of course, what should the theme for 11 be? There’s no such thing as “big dogs” (unless you’d buy 11.3 “Doberman”) and, quite frankly, dogs are about as silicone-chic as HUMMERs. But even if dogs are out, there are so many other options….

Flightless Birds

  1. Emu
  2. Ostrich
  3. Penguin
  4. Platypus

And sure, platypuses may not be real birds, but if Apple rolled out the next update quick enough, nobody would have time to figure it out.

Then, how about a little love for marine enthusiasts?


  1. Great White
  2. Nurse
  3. Thrasher
  4. Whale

Am I the only one that would pay top dollar for 12.3 “Thrasher”? I think not.

Now, moving away from animals, how about my personal favorite….

Unusual Fruits

  1. Mangosteen
  2. Jackfruit
  3. Durian
  4. Kumquat
  5. Cherimoya

I mean, is that awesome or what? Would I wait in line for the Durian update? Hells yeah.

Apple never took me up on my alternative iMac slogan but maybe they’ll be will to feel the flightless love.


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