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Autofile: Using Hazel to Enhance Your Digital Card Catalogue


Earlier, I described my transition to a digital card catalogue filing system. While I could certainly file everything manually or use Quicksilver, I wanted a snazzy, alternative method.

hazeltitleI was playing around with Hazel and I realized that I could use it to route folders and files from a specified landing spot to the proper folder in the card catalogue. The rule is extremely simple and, as long as you are careful about how you name folders that you drop into the autofile folder, it’ll work like a charm.

Before I begin the instructions, I’m going to suggest that you grab a cup of tea or something; you’re going to have to create twenty-six rules and it’s probably going to take about twenty minutes.

The Process

First, you’ll need Hazel. It costs $22 but there’s a two week trial available. Install Hazel and create the folder you’ll want to use as your autofile dropbox. I created a subfolder in my To File folder and, very creatively, called it Autofile (I also began the file name with a space so it would always be at the beginning).

Now, add your autofile dropbox to the list of folders that Hazel watches and create a new rule. The rule simply needs to say that if the file’s name begins with A, it should be moved to the A folder in the card catalogue.


Optionally, you could also configure it to give you feedback via Growl when an item is filed. However, I’m good with it just making the move silently.

That was the easy part. Now, duplicate the rule so you have one for each letter. If it helps, play the Jeopardy theme song while you work.


Once you’re done, not only will you have a great sense of relief, you’ll have a fully functioning automatic filing system. Just drop a folder or file into the autofile dropbox and within seconds it will be whisked off to the proper location.

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