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ek2.pngI’m Somatic Gnome (you can call me Gnome, but you better wipe that smirk off your face when you do). In case you were wondering where my alias came from (yeah, sorry to disappoint, it’s an alias), it’s a combination of the name of one of my favorite icon sets, Somatic by David Lanham, and the name of one of my favorite short films, “Gnome”. I’ve been blogging for quite a while, about three years, I think, but End Kvetch was started in Spring 2007 (it was called (kvetch)(/kvetch) at the time of it’s conception) and it’s my most successful blog to date.

Apart from being a blogger, I’m an avid Mac-user, a writer (I’m working on a screenplay and I have a novel on hold because of said screenplay) and, to my great chagrin1, a student.

I can also recite both the American Apparel and West Elm catalogues from memory.

If you need to get in touch, head on over to the contact page where you can find all the information necessary to initiate a fulfilling dialogue between the dialouger (hereafter referred to as you) and the dialougee (hereafter referred to as me).


1 Am I the only one who things chagrin should mean “happiness”? I mean chagrin. Someone really ought to change that, it’s driving me nuts.

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