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Daily Consolidation: June 20, 2007

Okay, I’m doing consolidations again because I suddenly have a lot to say (no thanks to HitTail, which has not given any suggestions yet).

The BBC – Britain’s Trashiest News Corporation

I’m pretty sure the BBC’s readership is lower-brow than they would like to think.  In February this story broke and was, predictably their top read.  However, just today it spent some time as the #1 read story (edging out this very popular one).  The BBC aught to give up on real news altogether. I’m sure the Brits had a good laugh about this story, in which a Texas mob killed middle-aged man, typically American, eh?

Cig Dreams

Lately I have been having kind of strange dreams. For instance the other night I dreamed that cigarettes had been banned…and I chose that time to start smoking. After three days I realized how silly it was and I went cold turkey…which turned out to be really easy.

The Ellipses Are Coming!

I just realized that my last four blog titles have at least one ellipsis in them (I also just realized that the Blogger widget doesn’t have spell check, so I’m sure I’m spelling ellipsis/ellipses wrong. Of course I’ll spellcheck it before you get to see it but just trust me, I can’t spell ellipsis).

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Consolidation: May 1, 2007

#1: My Brilliant Software Idea

Last night a brilliant idea struck me– Red Ink, the computerized copy editing solution. Red Ink would fill the very small niche of copy editors with horrible handwriting.

The editor could either scan in the document or work directly from a digital file. When they opened it with Red Ink the interface would not be unlike MS Word’s (or any other text editor). For instance, when they selected a portion of text and hit Command + B (bold) it would get a squiggly red line under it (the symbol to make text bold). Or, if an editor wanted to delete something they would select the text and hit delete, but instead of going away the text would get a red loopy line through it (with the appropriate whip-crack noise that I, for one, would appreciate).

Now all I need is someone to develop it (I had better get a free copy, or better yet it should be freeware)…

#2: How My English Class Describes Malcolm X


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Daily Consolidation: April 30, 2007

In a effort to cut down on the number of posts I will be consolidating misc. things that don’t have another place into a single post (at least as a trial). These consolidations will be divided into subposts to make them easier to read.

#1: Creeeeeepy

This is probably one of the strangest, most disturbing things I have ever seen (yeah, I don’t get out much).

I found this while randomly surfing the blogosphere, and more pictures can people found here along with some other interesting stuff.

#2: My Favorite Section(s) From An Otherwise Stupid Post

Things about the web that scare me…

1. It knows where I live (however, it is a small comfort that Google Maps thinks I live two doors down).
2. It’s so impersonal (never once have I head, “Hi, I’m Jim and I’ll be your server (no pun intended) today”.)

#3: My Favorite Phrase From An Otherwise Wonderful Conversation

Me: I just want a goddamn Linux Shoe!

(I doubt many of you will get that).

So…thats today’s consolidation post. If I hadn’t done this I would have made a whole two extra posts and polluted the blogosphere that much more with my senseless ramblings.

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