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The Phoenix O’ Productivity Rises Again…Then Suffers A Debilitating Illness

Apparently The Phoenix O’ Productivity is my most popular post (curteuousy courtesy of my friends at Google Analytics) so I’ve decided to post an update (this is in lieu of a new installment of The Malcontent which would cover the same topic but is too format for my tastes now).

First off I put I desk in front of my window and now I can look out at the back yard and “be inspired” (inspiration doesn’t seem to be my problem, it more the motivation to do any work). Then I took some ideas from David Seah (davidseah.com) and made myself a “Nothing Better To Do” Jar (in theory, I put tasks in it and when I have…nothing better to do I pick one and do what it says), the only problem is I never take anything out of it (I just put a nice “Dymo” label on it though, maybe that’ll change things). Also from David are the PCEO (Printable CEO) forms which can be used to track time, manage to-dos, etc., I printed some of those out and used them (they’re so pretty, I couldn’t resist).

For several days all was well in Officeland (haha, off Iceland) but then the horrible barbarians of laziness laid siege to the castle– I remembered that productivity was work.

So now I basically play online games and occasionally come up with an idea for a story which I right down but never get around to working on (I also have scotch tape stuck to my elbow, it makes my mosquito bite less itchy).

(Also, OmniFocus has still not gotten back to me on the beta program…maybe they have enough testers).

Update: I forgot the mention that Quicksilver and I have reconciled ourselves. We have come to the agreement that I won’t use it as a replacement for Finder/RapidoLaunch but I will still give it the respect that it deserves.


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More From Google Analytics

So, apparently the #1 search that leads to my blog is “i do it i get a squiggly line under the event”. Am I the only one who is puzzled by that? Do what? How do you get a line under an event? (Is it a Windows thing? If so why does it lead to my “Apple” tag page?) Am I the only one who is bothered by the staggering lack of proper syntax? I could understand one person typing this in but eighteen? I think that squiggly lign ling line might have something to do with the same kind of bad grammar that would lead to typing something like “i do it i get a squiggly line under the event” into a search engine.

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