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One Skitch Invite to Go

I’ve given away four of my Skitch invites (the last one came with a very generous offer to name the invitee’s first child Gnome). So send in your applications now (please include résumé and three references1) and you will be considered.

Footnotes: 1 Please don’t. I don’t want to have to talk to your ex-boss at the catfood market.


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Skitch Invites

As you can see I just added a TUAW article to the sidebar. Those lucky devils have received 1,000 Skitch beta invites to give out and they are giving them away to their readers. Seeing how TUAW had a large readership I assume these will be going quickly if they are not already gone. Luckily for you I have received the princely sum of five invites and I am willing to distribute them among you, the huddling masses. Simply e-mail me either with the address you would like the invite sent to or with it in the body (subject should be “Skitch Invite”) and I’ll tell the good folks at Plasq to send an invitation your way. (I would say “first come, first serve” but I don’t think that’ll be a problem). Just a reminder, Skitch is a graphics annotation program for Mac OS X only that I use for all the graphics on this site (and don’t they look spiffy?). Skitch also comes with an online storage service akin to PhotoBucket.

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