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WordPress Takes a Little Nap

As I logged in for my routine, every-five-minute stat check, I was greeted with this rather curt little message.


It seemed I wouldn’t be able to get my stats are do anything for two whole years. Now, I wasn’t going to just take that. I showed my discontentment like only a blogger can– I took a screenshot (damn straight).

Now, unless you too have been sleeping for a rather long time, you’ll probably notice that it hasn’t been two years yet. I too figured this out and it lead me to a startling conclusion. WordPress is obviously paying the same people who make progress bars that one minute are “less than one minute” from completion and the next have “about an hour” to go to estimate how long their maintenance will take. The worst part is, they’re obviously not paying them enough. I would expect to be told that the the site will be “back in a jiffy” only to find that when I check back a jiffy later the estimate has changed to “730 days”. WordPress obviously skimped and bought the “break it to ’em quick” package. I demand false hope!

I think this whole situation would have been a lot easier to stomach if, in the guise of a FAQ, I was directed to a 404 error.


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Finally, the Questing Days are Over

Although it wasn’t really a consideration when I moved to WordPress I soon realized that Journler works with WordPress. Obviously I am very happy about this, especially since I’m not crazy about the WordPress web interface. Since I have chosen Journler for my note-taking application this year it will would be super easy to blog during school (and school, like the dentist, always provides good blog fodder) while looking like the diligent student– not that I would do that. Just saying.

Regardless, despite the initial spats WordPress and I are getting along now just fine (we just needed a third-party mediator).

Update: The annoying thing about offline editors is their uncanny ability to generate useless HTML, and, of course, their willingness to convert your tags into web-safe symbols.

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